Aristotelean account for the moral worth of murder.

December 9, 2008

i feel that aristotle would have to se the situation to be able to tell if a murder was moral.  i tihnk in an etreme case where someone went on a killing spee it would not be moral but if a police officer kills a crimanl who threatened there life it would be ok with aristotle.


Hobbes- Morality and Government

November 19, 2008

Men are naturally focused on what is good for themselves.  that is why we choose our own government.  when we choose the government we want, we are saying that we feel they will uphld moral standards.  i think that morality does apply to the goernment.  these standards apply to the government and people in power because we as a people are looking at them as role models for society.  i think moral standars do not aply to a normal person more or less than a person in the government, everyone should be treated the same based on the same moral standards.


November 16, 2008

i think that in the case Hobbes is soeaing of, if the world were to run out of its resources, and people had to live bt survival of the fitest there would be full csale war, that the government would not be able to control.  if the government were to collapse likes Hobbes says, there would be no laws, no police, it would be complete chaos.  if all of these things were to happen it would be the worst imaginable situation.


October 26, 2008

i would ask Mill how he could defend somone who might be a philanthripist, but shot and killed one person.  i think mill would say that just because he killed one person does not make him a bad person, because he has increased overall happinesss more times than he has decreased it.


September 14, 2008

According to DCT good things are good because G-d said they are.  An irrational G-d can be moral according to DCT.  However i do not think an irrational G-d can be moral, nor should he have to be.  if G-d were irrational i do not think people would have faith in him.  If G-d were able to be irrational yet still moral, everything that G-d does or did would be ok, even if it was killing which is not moral.  There are times in the bible when G-d has been immoral and killed people, and that does not make it ok.  I do not think that G-d has to be moral in all situations because he is G-d, and he makes the rules, and when G-d does these things it is not to be immoral, but to help his people.

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September 9, 2008

In America we have the freedom to dress the way we wish.  we are able to wear whatever we want, no matter race, religion, or sex.  in other parts of the world this is not true.  in the middle east, in Muslim countries women must cover themselves i public and are not allowed to go out in public alone. to most of us in America and throughout the world it is unthinkable that people cover their entire body and wear very modest clothing.  cultural relativism applies in this situation because this cultural is not doing anything that other cultures would find immoral, they are being modest in the way they dress.  when it is forced upon the women and they must cover their entire body then cultural relativism does not apply because the culture is not being moral, they are forcing a way of life upon their people.


September 4, 2008


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September 4, 2008

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